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My debut video with CandyRat Records featuring me performing my composition “A’song”.

Performance of the final movement of Koyunbaba by Carlo Domeniconi, as featured on CandyRat Records CandyRat Records featuring me performing my composition “A’song”.

BBC Four television appearance from 2014 performing an excerpt of my piece Philomena.

Live performance from my closing concert at the 2014 International Guitar Research Centre launch weekend at the University of Surrey, UK.

My 2013 collaboration with the UK beatboxer Shlomo.

Performance video of my composition “Philomena”.

Homemade video of me performing my piece “Crystal” – this went to the top of the Reddit music section back in 2013 racking up a quarter of a million views.

A little snippet from a live promo of my 2013 Edinburgh Fringe show ‘FUSION GUITAR':-

A video from a competition I entered during my busking days:-

A live performance of my composition ‘Crystal’ at SoundSCAPE 2011:-

A live performance of with guitarists Andy Booth, Brennan Elliot, and Jonathan Heath at SoundSCAPE 2011:-