Hill Guitars

I am eternally grateful to master luthier Stephen Hill for his endorsement and for the support he has given me over the years, right from when I was a student at university. His guitars have inspired me to write and play the music I am known for and I most certainly wouldn’t have done any of what I have done without his constant support.

Anyone looking for a handmade guitar I recommend checking out Stephen’s website: http://www.stephenhillguitars.com – if you are a college student he does special deals for you!

I perform unamplified gigs on a Hill 1a Primera – maple cedar top; Rio Brazilian Rosewood back/sides; lattice bracing.

For amplified gigs (which is most of them!) I play a Hill 1a Fusion – spruce top, Cocobolo/Cypress back and sides; double back (spruce inner); fan braced

Just got my hands on my new Stephen Hill Fusion 1a Master! Videos on their way! #HillGuitars

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