Guitar and non-guitar-related people and things that are both useful and intriguing.


Amrit Sond  – Not only an all round nice bloke, but also a really inspiring contemporary guitarist, writing free and rhythmical guitar music influenced by an eclectic range of styles; a must-see if you ever get the chance!

Antonio Forcione  – A technically stunning Italian percussive fingerstlye guitarist who creates turbulent and ambient soundscapes through a wealth of percussive and extended guitar techniques.

Tony Cox  – A wizard of contemporary guitar, writing music highly influenced by the rhythms of his African origins.

Jon Gomm  – One of the world’s leading and most recognised contemporary fingerstyle guitarists of our time. His approach to the ‘One-Man-Band’ leaves all other acts seemingly mediocre!

Thomas Leeb  – A highly influencial and original contemporary fingerstyle guitarist. It’s hard not to be captivated by the music he writes…

Roland Dyens  – A superb classical guitarist and an inspiration to many. His understanding of musical style leave his compositions and arrangements sounding authentic and true to their origins. He’s the ‘go-to guy’ if you’re ever looking for any guitar arrangements of jazz music.

Aniello Desiderio  – An exceptional classical guitarist virtuoso, with enormous sausage-like fingers, who has a knack for making the hardest of pieces look effortless.

David Russell – One of the worlds leading classical guitarists, widely revered for his musicality and consistently flawless tone.

John Williams  – The guitarist’s guitarist, some say he is powered by Duracel. A legend in the classical music industry, John has had a very distinct and recognisable sound for many generations, a sound that has inspired many budding musicians to start learning the guitar, including myself!

Pavel Steidl  – An extremely nimble and entertaining classical guitarist specialising in 19th century guitar music. A definite must-see for any classical musicianado’s.

Artists I’ve Worked With

Alt-J – I was an instant über fan of theirs after their 2012 Mercury Prize win, so was stoked to be asked to play on their 2017 album “Relaxer”.

Shlomo – Beatbox royalty! Shlomo has played to packed stadium audiences of tens of thousands. Not only that but he’s played Late Night with Jools Holland.

Cappellino – a close friend from my school days (we played in punk bands together at school!). Cappellino is as genius as they come… I have performed with him as well as produced music videos with him, check out his cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”.

Tir Eolas – a brilliant contemporary UK folk band rooted into their shared traditional Irish roots. Friends from my college days at RCM, I have had the good fortune to perform on several occasions with them, including two shows at the Royal Albert Hall. Lovely people all round! Go see them if you ever get the chance!!!

Swingle Singers – World-class, multi-grammy award-winning a cappella group from London. I worked on a quirky little album of theirs called ‘Beauty and the Beatbox’, check it out some time.

Jon Hart – A real innovator of the contemporary percussive guitar. I have loved recording and producing EP’s and music videos of his over the years! If you haven’t heard of him, check out his version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ (audio captured and mixed by yours truly)! Wow! Amirite!!

Mary Jess Leaverland – Mary-Jess won the Chinese equivalent of X-Factor back in 2010 and has an incredible voice! Check her out!

Music Resources

Eythorsson  – Excellent resource for free superbly arranged solo and ensemble music.

String Busters  – Cheap guitar strings!

Guitar Notes  – Cheap and reliable online store for most guitar music.

Non-Music Related

Reddit! – if you haven’t heard of this website before you’re one of the lucky ones. When I’m not practicing I’m usually on this website scrolling through swathes of funny and interesting links. I have lost years of my life to this site. True story.

Adam Buxton  – Adam from ‘Adam & Joe’, who currently fronts ‘BUG’, showcasing new and original music videos. An all round nice guy, Adam is an absolute genius at seeing comedy in unsuspecting places, check out his own videos!

XKCD  – A very funny, philosophical, and exceptionally geeky webcomic.  – Website for the extremely talented photographer Richard Wilson.

Tiny Glow Studio – Run by Paul Grant, to whom I am very grateful for designing this website for me.