Three Colours Guitar Return to Edinburgh Fringe!

Three Colours Guitar Return to Edinburgh Fringe!

After a critically acclaimed run in 2017, receiving 5* reviews across the board from ThreeWeeks, Edinburgh Guide, and Wisconsin Public Radio, Declan Zapala, Matt Buchanan, and John Wheatcroft return to the Edinburgh Fringe with a brand new show!



  1. Hi Declan

    I came to your first fringe show last Saturday. It was excellent.

    I did have a brief discussion with you at the end of the concert about the bass sub octave Apple plugin you used to create an outstanding bass line. You said it was part of some hardware you have, but unfortunately I didn’t get the know what that was. I’d be really interested to know what you use.

    As I say, it was an excellent evening and I’m now enjoying your CD.



    • Hi Neil!

      So great to have you at the show the other day and glad the CD is going down well! So my guitar has two jack outputs: one stereo and one mono. To achieve the sub harmonising effect I had the mono output connected to a volume pedal so I could send/cut its signal on the fly, and the output of the volume pedal was being sent to one of the inputs on my Universal Audio Apollo which had the bx_subsynth patch active on its channel. If setup time is limited or I can’t bring my UAD Apollo to a gig I use the subharmoniser (AKA “Guitar to Bass”) effect on my Boss RC505 loop station which produces great results, in fact thats what I used for all my sub harmonising during our Fringe run last year!:0)

      Hope that helps Neil. If you have any more questions, don’t be a stranger!



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